Building My Omeka Exhibit:

Building my Omeka Exhibit was a labor of love.

I enjoyed creating my exhibit in Omeka as it really helped me to outline the direction for my project.

While I found the overall structure of Omeka to be relatively user-friendly, filling out the information for Dublin Core for each item felt tedious. I can appreciate the simplicity and the purpose for Dublin Core, but still I felt there was a simpler way of putting citations we already have into this program.

I really like the layout of Omeka and how we can easily add content, collections, and pages to the exhibit. When I have the motivation, I want to investigate changing the theme to one that requires help from the professor (hello!), but for now, the themes provided are simple to follow and work for what I need in the draft-stage.

The concept of a Simple Page is still a bit lost on me. I understand the gist, but actually implementing it is something I admittedly need to take more time to figure out.

Overall, I really enjoy Omeka as a platform for our final project. It is a great place to put items I have for my project in a clean, easy to organize and find place. I think it served me very well as I finally was able to figure out a direction for telling the story of Victoria Woodhull while still having the focus be her Presidential candidacy.

Below, find the hyperlink to my Omeka exhibit (in draft form):

Click Me:

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