For my Final Project in HIST390, we were required to build a website using Omeka. As a requirement for Mason Core’s IT credit, Dr. Beasley taught us through this course how to complete build a website from scratch using HTML coding and other web design features.

I chose to create a website telling the story of a woman who helped pave the way for future female politicians such as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and current Vice President, Kamala Harris. Victoria Woodhull is an often-overlooked historical figure. She contributed to Women’s Suffrage, women’s rights, and most notably, was the first woman to run for president.

Below is the link to my project. Note, some links and interactive features may no longer be active as this project was created mid-2021, so some aspects of the site may have expired, or links may have been changed, but the overall premise of the site and key features remain intact.

Browse Exhibits ยท Victoria Woodhull for President (

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I received an A for this project and an A overall in the course… and most importantly learned about key web design and building tools that have helped me professionally in my current internship.

-Alexandra Arabak, previous HIST390 student of Dr. Gretchen Beasley.