Timeline Blog Post

I really liked creating a timeline as a portion of our project. I think that this program’s layout for the timeline is super easy to follow and more user friendly than the timeline I was imagining for my project.

I really liked the easy to follow template on Google Sheets, and found it very straightforward to insert my information, photos, etc. This was a relief since some of the new programs we have learned have been outside of my comfort zone whereas Google Sheets is very simple for me!

The hardest part was looking back at my sources to find the right dates, especially specific dates. I wanted the dates to chronicle Victoria Woodhull’s most notable moments, so finding relevant dates instead of a range was a little difficult. I did eventually find some notable dates, but definitely have more work to due to find all the dates I want to properly outline her political life.

I really think once my timeline is complete that this with be a huge asset to my project. It will make her political life easy to follow and interactive with the photos.

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