Brainstorming My Omega Exhibit

I think the creation of our Omeka websites will be really beneficial to our projects overall.

For my project about Victoria Woodhull, items are beginning to seem more and more vital to the overall vision I have for my project. I think my Omeka exhibit could serve as a great exploration of Mrs. Woodhull’s political life.

I have some ideas of utilizing the collections for images to separate different images into related groups like

-Early Political Life

-Greatest Achievements

-Presidential Candidacy

Just as a couple examples. I think this could serve as a great interactive guide to my project’s topic, rather than just listing out information about Mrs. Woodhull.

I got the idea of an interactive gallery from some of the other websites we have looked at through class. I’d love to use Omeka to create a project that is similar to the City of Boston Omeka site but with more images to make the project more eye-catching.

Overall, once I can get past the learning curve for using Omeka, I think it will make my project very interactive and eye-catching!

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